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Dental Clinic Yakima WA Patient TestimonialsThe yakima dental clinic of Dr. Pete Nathe, Yakima dentist,  is getting rave reviews from it's clients. Read what some of them have to say about the outstanding care they received from this talented team.


This was the was the best dental experience that I have ever had. Sedation dentistry has changed my way of thinking about the dentist. All the staff at Dr. Nathe's office are kind, gentle, and understanding. Extra time is always taken when needed. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Miss Yakima County 2008

Please accept my deepest thanks and appreciation for all your support. Because of you, I have the SMILE to become the next Miss Washington! Thanks.


Thank you so much for the gentle and thorough care. Thank you also for calling me at home to check on me. It is amazing what a small kindness can do! Thank you again.

Abdon and Family

I am writing you this letter to let you know how appreciative I am for what you have done for me. Growing up, I have always felt insecure of the way my smile appeared both in my personal and professional life. Your procedure has redirected my self-esteem and confidence.

In my line of work, I work very closely with both the private and public sectors. I consistently work with consumers, as well as colleagues. Having a great smile has done wonders for me. I couldn't thank you enough.

On behalf of my family and I, we would like to thank you and your wonderful staff for your relentless effort in making our experience an unforgettable one. You are truly an amazing person with a great sense of humor. I hope and pray the best for you and your family. Once again, thank you and God bless!


I have several fond memories of my father and one in particular was the way he lit up when he would see someone smile. As he continually pointed out smiling faces, I began to see the difference one toothy grin could make in someone's life. The act of doing this simply became my daily practice and became even more important to me after my father passed on, after all, it was the way I remembered him.

Because my smile was so important to me, it was equally important to have someone that also cared as much about it as I did, and Dr. Nathe was that person. He assisted me in mapping out a short-term and long-term dental plan that would help me get the most out of my smile. Dr. Nathe and his office staff continually strive to help make me feel comfortable and welcomed. Thank you.


Thank you for my beautiful smile make-over. I have been ashamed of my teeth for over 20 years but am also deathly afraid of going to the dentist. You made it SO easy with sedation. My new smile exceeds every expectation! I have received literally hundreds of compliments; the change in my appearance and the way I feel is a life changing experience. I am thrilled and just wish I had done it years ago.


Just a quick note to say thank-you for my beautiful smile. You would not believe how many compliments I have received. After several years of being afraid to smile, I just can’t stop!


I would literally rather give birth to a 12 pound baby than have a dental treatment. I put off going to the dentist for many years until the pain and embarrassment became overwhelming. I am so grateful that I found Dr. Pete Nathe and his team. They are wonderful, compassionate and non-judgmental AND they offer sedation dentistry. This is the way to go!

I had all my dental treatment done in just a couple of visits while I sleep. I have only a vague, pleasant memory of drifting off to sleep. I feel so much better about myself and life and can smile again. I would highly recommend Dr. Pete Nathe and his staff.


This office is terrific. Even with all my dental fears I keep coming back knowing that I will be taken care of. They will help you every step of the way.


I am so thankful that you are able to treat my whole family, so we are all familiar and comfortable in your office. Fantastic job you all did with my three year-old, Cash. Not only did he not know he had anesthetic, he came out feeling quite proud of himself for earning two prizes. Well done!


Penney and Tina are wonderful, which is one reason I keep coming back. They always work around my schedule and that is important to me. They greet me with a smile every time I come in! Keep up the great work! The actual dentist rarely comes in to greet me, but the girls are wonderful!


Great friendly service, they are concerned with taking care of you and making sure all work is done to your satisfaction. I have had several unpleasant experiences with other dental facilities. This has made me very leery when it comes to dental work. That being said, I love going to Dr. Nathe’s office! It is obvious he cares for his clients and wants to make sure they are treated well and that no pain is involved.


I am thankful for the compassionate care I have received from the office. They are friendly, immaculate, understanding, and have integrity. I am grateful for the dental care I have received from Dr. Nathe.


This business always provides the best customer service and professional service available. Everyone that works here is friendly and helpful. You cannot find another dentist in this area that provides the choices and level of service that Dr. Nathe does. I appreciate that all of your staff are always friendly and helpful. I know that when I come here I will always get the most current treatment and options available.


I like it when Penney greets me by my name. It makes me feel like I am part of your practice. Everything is gentle and calm. Tina is the best I ever had at cleaning my teeth, and I have been to many.


Great staff! Dr. Nathe has the best employees. They greet you by name when you walk through the door and they are so friendly. Everyone makes sure you’re as comfortable as possible and takes the time to explain things.

I also appreciate that Dr. Nathe doesn’t try to push unnecessary procedures. I feel more comfortable relying on his judgment of what needs to be done than I did with my former dentist. I’ve had a few bad experiences with dentists in the past and I must say that I can’t imagine a better dental experience than I get in your office (unless you could include a foot massage during the cleaning). Thanks a lot.


I tell my friends and co-workers that going to the dentist is now something I actually look forward to instead of dread! And I really appreciate all of the patient accommodations. It is a relaxing environment and anxiety-free. The staff far exceeds my customer service expectations.


I just want to thank you for the time you spent with me during my initial consultation for my TMJ issues. Your staff was very professional and extremely helpful and you Dr. Nathe were so willing to answer ALL of my questions.

I felt not only that you were knowledgeable about the TMJ issues I am dealing with, but you also have the solution to help me correct the problem. I look forward to working with you and your staff during the process and correction of my TMJ. I am so appreciative that you took the time to explain in detail not only my issues but what has led me to this point.


Here is my story. I am a Respiratory Therapist who is now retired due to a life changing auto accident 5 years ago. Since that time I developed many symptoms such as; facial pain, headaches, jaw aches, ear pain, shoulder & neck pain, grinding at night, fatigue, weight gain, teeth pain & cavities, to list just a few.

About a year ago I came to Dr. Nathe absolutely desperate to stop cavities and tooth pain. Little did I know all my other symptoms and more were caused by my dental problems!

One problem I had was pretty severe sleep apnea and bruxism. I was unable to wear the CPAP machine despite a year of trying everything I could try! I needed help, and fast. Dr. Nathe saw my problems right away. He knew what was causing all the cavities. He knew what was causing all the teeth pain. He knew why I wasn't able to get numb and stay numb during fillings and root canals! And he knew what to do for my sleep apnea!

He fitted me for a custom oral appliance that cured my sleep apnea and stopped my bruxism. The tests and fittings were extensive, done on computer and physically by Dr. Nathe.

My quality of life is so much better. I just can't tell you everything that has improved for me. I LOVE my oral sleep appliance!

Dr. Nathe's education and expertise go way beyond the usual dentist that gives you a check up once a year. He really takes your whole being into consideration when you come to see him. He is the absolute best and has given me another life changing experience. This time for the BETTER!

Oh, I recently had another overnight sleep test. It was unbelievable! My apnea is essentially gone when I wear my oral appliance. I'm also losing weight!

Thank You Dr. Nathe!

The patients of Dr. Nathe's dental clinic for Yakima, Selah, Naches, Topenish, Grandview, Sunnyside, Zillah and Prosser, WA tell you why this dentist and team should be your dentist and team.

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