Smile Design - Your Dental Makeover in Yakima WA

Makeover Yakima WA Smile Design Before and AfterSmile design is a truly collaborative effort between you, your Yakima, WA cosmetic dentist and the lab used to manufacture your smile makeover in Yakima. The planning of your new smile should never be rushed. That's why we will encourage you to take as much time as needed to look over smile portfolios and before and after pictures in deciding your new look.

The Smile Design Experience

We will start the process by taking 18 photos of your current smile and create models of your teeth. Dr. Nathe will consider the best way to achieve a solution to problems such as broken, chipped, stained or worn teeth. He may use different dental options such as implants, bleaching, crowns or veneers to be able to achieve completely what you are envisioning for your Yakima makeover.

Temporaries will be made from your molds for you to "try on" for 2 weeks. Your permanent teeth are then manufactured by our dental lab and painstaking care is given to getting the fit and look right the first time.

Excellent Communication is the Key

Our incredible results are only possible because of the streamline, impeccable communication between you, Dr. Nathe and his vision and the nationally renowned aesthetics dental lab that is our partner. This close collaboration along with the thousands of hours of hands-on training that our Yakima dentist and his team have done, some under the direct supervision of the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, are what will result in your fabulous new smile and a truly life changing experience.

Whether you are wanting to enhance your appearance for one of life's big events, such as a wedding or milestone anniversary, or are seeking to make an entire life makeover in Yakima, a new smile can give you the confidence to get the most out of every experience in your life. Please call our office for a consultation.

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Dr. Nathe can restore confidence with a beautiful, custom smile makeover in Yakima, WA for  Selah, Naches, Topenish, Grandview, Sunnyside, Zillah and Prosser, smiles.

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