State-of-the-Art Yakima WA TMJ Teatment

TMJ Treatment Yakima WA  State-of-the-ArtDr. Pete Nathe uses state-of-the-art computerized technology to diagnose your problem and to determine the optimal course of treatment. First, ULF-TENS (Ultra Low Frequency Transcutaneous-Electrical-Neural-Stimulator), allows the muscles of the jaw to relax into a comfortable position. Next, K7/EMG determines the exact position for your bite where your muscles are most comfortable. Then, a diagnostic bite plate or orthotic is fabricated at a neuromuscular dental lab to maintain the bite during the diagnostic phase. This orthotic may also be used to relieve muscle spasms and pain if the patient is experiencing an acute episode of TMD. Finally, Dr. Nathe determines the perfect treatment plan for the patient that will more permanently maintain this ideal bite.

The four most common treatment plans are detailed below...

Coronoplasty: The enamel is reshaped and smoothed to correct your bite. This is very effective when a patient's bite is only slightly out of alignment and the teeth are relatively disease free.

Removable Overlay Partials: This is a permanent orthotic that is bonded over the back teeth and designed to maintain an aligned bite.

Reconstruction: This treatment plan involves placing beautiful all-porcelain crowns on several teeth to "open" the bite and maintain the aligned bite. This approach is recommended when the patient has broken and worn teeth, or has extensive dental decay or if the patient also desires a "smile makeover."

Othodontics: When the teeth are healthy, Dr. Nathe may recommend moving the teeth to the optimal position with braces.

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